To make Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies as Advancement Center and the foremost favored goal for Start-ups by 2025.


To produce, reinforce and develop a dynamic Start-up biological system in VISTAS coming about in advancement and enterprise driven business and financial development.

Short term Objectives

  • • To facilitate development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the organization

  • • To support and develop minimum of 10 startups with all amenities

Long term Objectives

  • • To support the startup from Product to market strategy for startups

  • • To develop a bilateral and multilateral channels with international innovation clusters and other relevant organizations

  • • To promote International exchange programs, internships, engaging the international faculties in teaching and research

Quality Assurance

The University has established a system of Quality Assurance to enhance and monitor the quality of education. Quality Advisory Committee and Internal Quality Assurance Cell are working towards this goal.