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Program Outcomes (PO)

Science graduates develop a range of skills and attributes with the capability in applying the knowledge at different situations PO1: Students understand the nature, practice and apply the science knowledge acquired in at least one specialized area of science in an advanced level.

PO2: Students acquire disciplines from personality development to individuality in their career option.

PO3: Effective communication would be developed in both oral and visual presentations as well as basic mannerism in behavior with the society would be developed.

PO4: Capable to collect, organize, analyze and interpret data in a meaningful way and potentiality to develop an efficient and quantitative literacy.

PO5: Proficient in using a range of sources in order to attain the desired information and be clever in evaluating the quality of information obtained to enhance the work.

PO6: Critical thinking of a student would be developed and their intelligence quotient (IQ) will be expanded therefore to apply the acquired knowledge in analyzing, facing challenges posed and even to find effective solutions.

PO7: Awareness in regard to ethical, social, occupational, health and safety issues will be developed and build up a strong intellect in appreciating the role of science in society.

PO8: Skills for self-esteem in their own performance and managing ability to carry out a task in collaborations, in individual efficiency as well as in team.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

PSO1: The primary goal is to make the students to understand biological concepts.

PSO2: To acquire knowledge on the basics of computer and the principles of programming languages.

PSO3: To understand the levels of programming language and its application in various fields of biology.

PSO4: To be well versed in handling the biological data from the different database available online at present.

PSO5: To obtain the knowledge on basics in designing the webpage for a database as well as online tools and softwares.

PSO6: To gain a sound knowledge on the application of computer techniques in the field of chemistry, plants, microbes, etc.

PSO7: To implement the computer programming knowledge in the design and maintenance of database to utilize the complex form of biological data in a simpler format.

PSO8: To utilize the bioinformatics skill to venture in development of fields like pharmaceutical and biotechnological concerns.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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