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Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

PSO1: To become an outstanding graduate in the modern scientific world.

PSO2: To pursue post graduation and research in a innovative field.

PSO3: To secure a good job like lab chemist in leading chemistry oriented industries and manufacturers.

PSO4: To be an entrepreneur to start a small industry with a support from sipco, sipcot etc.,

PSO5: To be a good teacher at elementary school level.

PSO6: To understand the fundamentals and basic concepts of all parts of chemistry in a detailed way.

PSO7: To familiarizes the mechanistic approach of various organic and inorganic reactions.

PSO8: To learn the principles behind important physical chemistry aspects.

PSO9: To learn and practice practical aspects of chemistry by means of qualitative, quantitative and instrumental methods.

PSO10: To be a good citizen by learning ethics of the society.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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