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B.SC NAUTICAL SCIENCE (Regulation 2015-16)

Program Source Outcomes (PSO)

To enable the student to emerge as,
PSO1: To achieve thorough knowledge within maritime courses in accordance with chapter A-II/2 of the STCW-convention and possess an overall and conscious understanding of the profession including

PSO2: To achieve knowledge about navigation at the operational and management level

PSO3: To achieve knowledge about cargo handling and stowage at the operational and management level

PSO4: To achieve knowledge about controlling the operation and care for persons on board at the operational and management level

PSO5: To achieve knowledge about shipboard administration and cultural awareness

PSO6: To achieve knowledge about safety management and organizational theory

PSO7: To achieve thorough knowledge of national and international rules and regulations concerning the handling and operation of ships.

PSO8: To apply knowledge of mathematics, natural science, maritime English, economics and management related to the handling and operation of ships.

PSO9: To achieve knowledge of the maritime history, the role of sea officers and seafarers in society, the development of maritime technology and has knowledge about social, environmental, ethical, safety and economical consequences of maritime activities.

PS1O: To be familiar with on-going research within nautical science and has a scholarly approach to work and considerations within nautical areas. Has knowledge about research methods and academic writing.

PS11: To independently update his/hers knowledge through literature, contact with relevant work environment and by reviewing own practice.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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