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B.Sc Physics

Program Outcome (PO)

Graduates with a major in physics will be able to,
PO1: Develop their basic knowledge in Physics, which enables them to be strong in scientific concepts and practical skills.

PO2: Expertise in mathematics and the mathematical concepts needed for a proper understanding of physics.

PO3: Acquire knowledge in Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermal Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics and be able to apply this knowledge to analyze a broad range of physical phenomena.

PO4: Measure, analyze and interpret physical parameters.

PO5: Apply critical reasoning skills to model and solve physics related problems.

PO6: Communicate scientific information in oral, written, and graphical formats.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

Graduates with a major in physics will be able to understand: ,
PSO1: Clear knowledge about mechanics of macroscopic and microscopic bodies (classical and quantum mechanics)

PSO2: Concept of heat, transmission of heat, kinetic theory of gases and laws of thermodynamics.

PSO3: The concepts of optics, such as interference and diffraction properties of light and acquires the knowledge of handling optical instruments.

PSO4: Basic principles of electricity and magnetism and apply the concepts in energy applications.

PSO5: The principles of atomic physics and explore their knowledge in identification of structures and energy levels using X-rays and lasers for various spectroscopic studies.

PSO6: Concept of semiconductors and familiarize the operation of amplifiers & basic electronic circuits.

PSO7: The concept of radioactivity, nuclear fission and fusion and working mechanism of nuclear reactor.

PSO8: Basic concepts in nano science and explore the applications of nano materials in various technologies.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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