International Symposium on Genetic Diversity, organized by Dept of Biotechnology, on 02 Mar 2018

Lighting of Kuthuvilauku by Vice Chancellor and other Chief guest.

Releasing of “Blooming Biotech” magazine under Technogene Club

1. Dr. Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel, Director, Center for Medical Genetics, Chennai, He delivered on the Topic: "An Overview on Medical Genetics And Genetic Counseling", it was informative to the participants on genetic counselling on eye diseases.

2.Dr. Ajith N Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer, Life Cell, USA , he delivered on the Topic: "Molecular Genetics And The Human Genome", It was very helpful to the participant on DNA sequence platform and its application on research.

3. Dr. Savithiri Shivakumar, Executive Director, Aaranya Bioscience, Pvt Ltd, Chennai, delivered on the Topic: "New Field Of Forensic Biotechnology - Forensics Genetics In Crime Investigation", this talk revealed how importance of biotechnology in the forensic science field.

4. Dr. Siddharth Surveswaran, Molecular Systematist, Indian Institute of Science, Banglore, he presented his work on the Topic: "Molecular Phylogenetics – An Introduction", it was relevant talk on genetic diversity studies based on variations in the DNA sequence among organisms.

After every talk the discussion by the participants was very healthy.