National Conference on GST in India - Challenges & Strategies, organized by Dept of Economics, on 03 Mar 2018

The department of Economics is the youngest department in VISTAS which offers under graduate course, M.Phil., (full-time and part-time) and Ph.D., (full-time and part-time) programs to enrich the youngster academically by means of imparting knowledge with theories and applications of economics to the current generation. VISTAS gives more importance to interdisciplinary research programs and organizing seminars and conferences in order to encourage inventions and innovation to facilitate overall development of India and globe.

In the welfare state, like India, tax revenue is indispensible in order to run government machinery, achieve economic stability, promote welfare of the people and to finance development activities. The nature and scope of tax structure should directly or indirectly encourage the manufacturers, traders and consumers and it should be levied in such a way that the tax payer should not feel the pinch of tax burden. In this connection GST in India gains its importance for discussion in analyzing the challenges and strategies for effective tax system.

The conference was attended by 79 paper presenters and more than 150 participants from various colleges, universities, government officials in India. The participants and the paper presenters had inspiring and innovative discussion and deliberations on GST and its impact on Indian economy. All the research papers are brought out as edited volume with ISBN 978-1- 64255-366-6 which was released by Dr. G. Viswanathan, President, Indian Economic Association and the Founder – Chancellor, VIT, Vellore and Dr. Ishari K Ganesh Founder Chancellor, VISTAS, has received the first copy. Dr.Jayanthi K Anand, the Director, Department of Communication, RBI, Chennai, has delivered valedictory address and the national conference was concluded with Nation Anthem.