Softskill Training Programmes, organized by Dept of Management Studies, on 17 Jul 2017 to on 31 Aug 2017

Aptitude and Softskill Training Programmes successfully conducted at Vels University for Engineering, Management Studies (MBA) and Arts and Science Students for 100 Hours from 17.07.17 to 31.08.17 and around 2000 final year students benefitted on this training programmes and they realized the need to have a better soft skills in order to succeed in personal, professional and social lives.

The Chancellor Dr Ishari K.Ganesh’s message to all students is to shape your life in the form of better training so that it will benefit to society as well as to working environment.

In the last few years, there have been numerous articles and reports on lack of soft skills across various segments of population. From school children to college students, from working professionals to entrepreneurs. We, the Vels University has taken initiative in giving importance to instil soft skills among our students and employees. With this huge demand, soft skills training is a sought after profession and the prospects are extremely bright.

The regularly visiting corporates are pleased with our training modules and given their suggestions to improve further based on their requirements and also benefit to their industry.