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M.B.A (HR) in association with Manpower Group

MBA – HR is offered as a unique course in association with Manpower Group. Manpower Group is the world leader in Innovative workforce solutions. With over 60 years of experience and presence in over 80 countries Manpower Group creates and delivers high impact solutions to HR issues. These solutions cover recruitment, assessment, training and development, career management, outsourcing and workforce consulting.

This course will encompass practical training by Manpower Group which will include advance level assignments, reports, presentations, internship, projects and placement assurance.. The course will provide a thorough knowledge of basic HR Management by integrating the mail functional areas through application of strategic HR Management. It is the right choice and platform for students who want to develop a management career in strategic human resources.

Industrial Relations, Wage Determination & Administration, Recruitment, Managing Diversities in Work Place, HR Operations, Counselling Skills, Career Development, Change Management and HR Analytics.

Human Resource Manager, Pay Roll Executive, Talent Acquisition Executive, HR Generalist, Technical Recruiter, Compensation Manager, Employee Relations Manger, Change Consultant.


Sub.Code Title of the Paper Hours/week Credit
Lecture Tutorial Practical
16MBA001Applied Statistics for Management4103
16MBA002Fundamentals of Industrial relations and Law of Industrial relations4003
16MBA003Management Principles3003
16MBA004Fundamentals of HRM3003
16MBA005Organisational Behaviour4003
16MBA006Wage Determination and Administration3013
16MBA007Business Communication & Soft Skills3003
16MBA008Business HR - MPG0042
      24 1 5 26
16MBA009International HR4003
16MBA010Applied Operations Research4103
16MBA011Accounts & Finance for Managers4103
16MBA012Recruitment MPG 0042
16MBA013Human Resource Management in Service Sector4003
16MBA014 Operations Management4003
16MBA015Research Methodology4003
16MBA---Managing Diversities in work places0003
      25 2 4 24
16MBA016HR Operations – MPG 0 03
16MBA017Project Work00015
      0 0 4 18
16MBA018Global Environment of Business4003
16MBA019Strategic HRM4013
16MBA---Generic Elective-II3003
16MBA---Generic Elective-III3003
16MBA---Discipline Specific Elective-I4003
16MBA---Discipline Specific Elective-II4003
16MBA---Generic Elective-IV3003
16MBA---Discipline Specific Elective-III4003
16MBA020Placement Activity0042
      29 0 5 26

List of Generic Elective Courses

Sub.Code Title of the Paper Hours/week Credit
Lecture Tutorial Practical
16MBA151Product & brand Management3003
16MBA152Service & Relationship Marketing3003
16MBA153Business 2 Business Marketing3003
16MBA154Entrepreneurship Development & Management of Small Business3003
16MBA155Organization Theory Design & Development3003
16MBA156Career Development3003
16MBA157Change Management3003
16MBA158Collective Bargaining and Negotiation process3003
16MBA159E- Governance3003
16MBA160Marketing Research3003
16MBA161Enterprise Resource Planning for Management3003
16MBA162Counseling Skills for HR Managers3003
16MBA163Corporate Governance3003
16MBA164Project Management3003
16MBA165Six Sigma and Lean Management3003
16MBA 166Strategic Management3003
16MBA167Personality Development3003

List of Discipline Specific Elective Courses - Strictly HR related

Sub.Code Title of the Paper Hours/week Credit
Lecture Tutorial Practical
16MBA101Compensation Management4003
16MBA102Performance Management4003
16MBA103HR Analytics4003
16MBA104HR Information System4003
16MBA105Business Intelligent and Data mining4003
16MBA106Labor Legislation4003
16MBA107Organization Development and Change4003
16MBA108Stress and Time Management4003
16MBA109Network security and Cyber Law4003
16MBA110Managerial Competency and Career Development4003
16MBA111HR Issues in Mergers and Acquisition4003
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