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Program Outcomes (PO)

Master of Engineering curriculum for the Computer Integrated Manufacturing is designed to impart Knowledge, Skill and Attitude on the graduates to,
PO1: To impart concepts of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing engineering through the use of analytical techniques, experiments, computer simulation methods, and other modern engineering tools.

PO2: Able to take up profession in R&D areas, management and teaching activity in the field of mechanical engineering.

PO3: Engage in industry institute interaction and lifelong learning by adhering to ethical and environmental conditions.

PO4: Apply the technical skills gained to model and analyze real time projects in the field of computer integrated manufacturing.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

PSO1: Advanced knowledge in manufacturing tools, solutions to industrial applications; Identify, formulate and solve mechanical engineering problems related to Computer integrated manufacturing environment.

PSO2: To design a system, components, or process and meet specific objectives keeping in view the economical approaches, availability of materials and manufacturability with increased life.

PSO3: To acquire knowledge of CAD-CAM engineering and be able to discriminate, evaluate, analyze and integrate existing and new knowledge.

PSO4: To spreading the recent developments in CAD-CAM engineering field through educating the students using new technologies, software’s and recent trends in CAD-CAM.

PSO5: To develop habit of individual critical thinking in analyzing a complex problem in the computer aided designing, manufacturing and optimization.

PSO6: To write CNC part programs using CADEM simulation package for simulation of machining operations such as Turning, Drilling & Milling.

PSO7: To understand the operating principles of hydraulics, pneumatics and electro–pneumatic systems.

PSO8: To understand & write programs for Flexible Manufacturing Systems & Robotics.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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