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M.E COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS (Regulation 2015-16)

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

PSO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding on the recent developments of the different communication technologies that is more essential for the communication engineers.

PSO2: Understand and analyze the concepts and methods of the different advanced courses such as Advanced digital communication techniques, Advanced digital signal processing, Spread spectrum techniques etc.,

PSO3: Be familiar with the specialized areas and application of communication technologies like RF system design, Wavelet theory and applications, DSP processor architecture and programming, high speed switching architecture etc.,

PSO4: Perform research and analysis on communication involving Wireless sensor networks, Embedded systems and RTOS, DSP processor architecture and programming, Speech and audio signal processing etc.,

PSO5: Demonstrate practical hands on experience for core laboratory experiments like communication systems and network laboratory.

PSO6: Be able to select and apply appropriate modern hardware and software tools to analyze and solve problems in networks and communication technologies.

PSO7: Perform an exhaustive research for one year on core areas such as Signal processing, Digital image processing, Digital medical processing, Software defined radio, terrestrial and under water wireless networks.

PSO8: Publish their research finding in peer reviewed and indexed conferences and journals.

PSO9: Develop analytical, critical and innovative thinking skills in communication technology to enhance research and be industry ready.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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