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Program Outcomes (PO)

At the end of the programme, M.E. Construction Engineering and Management Engineering will be able to,
PO1: Identify and define problems, gather data related to the problem, generate and prioritize a set of alternative solutions, and select and implement the best alternative incorporating the recommendations of relevant codes of practice.

PO2: Apply construction management practices and principles to a project and lead the team for efficient project management considering economical and financial factors.

PO3: Understand the impact of engineering solutions on environment and the need for sustainable development.

PO4: Use the techniques, skills, advanced modern engineering tools, instrumentation and software packages necessary for engineering practice.

PO5: Acquire competent technical knowledge to practice construction profession and develop ideas to amalgamate the existing and contemporary knowledge.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

The Program Specific Objectives of the M.E. Construction Engineerig and Management Engineering are to produce engineers who,
PSO1: Are competent with the contemporary developments in construction technology, concrete technology and composite materials, their properties and practical applications.

PSO2: Succeed in construction management careers emphasizing applications of construction management principles with the ability to solve broad range of problems in construction.

PSO3: Acquire, Apply and communicate latest knowledge and tools to construction industry and technical institutes in the desired form through lifelong learning.

PSO4: Develop cost-effective solutions for a sustainable environment with deep insight in societal and ecological issues by adhering to professionalism.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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