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Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

The M.Sc. Management program is intended for individuals already employed in the hospitality industry to hone in their management skills. Individuals will be able to,
PSO1: Interpret practical, theoretical and personal skills required for senior management roles within a variety of hospitality organizations.

PSO2: Appraise food safety and sanitation to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment.

PSO3: Develop long term business goals and strategies that map the actions needed to each year to meet the objectives.

PSO4: Anticipate and manage labour and food costs in order to operate an economically stable environment.

PSO5: Utilize interpersonal skills to manage employees in a hospitality industry.

PSO6: Cultivate a professional management attitude by nurturing the creative development of innovative ideas and solutions.

PSO7: Develop organizational and marketing processes of a commercial hospitality enterprise.

PSO8: Forecast sales and expenses in a variety of hospitality businesses.

PSO9: Schedule employees with consideration given to budgets, sales forecasts, and customary labour practices.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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