PhD Admission Procedure


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded to a candidate who as per these regulations, has submitted a thesis on the basis of original and independent research in any particular discipline or involving more than one discipline (inter-disciplinary), that makes a contribution to the advancement of knowledge, which is approved by the Board of Examiners as required.

1. Eligibility for Admission to Ph.D

1.1. Full-time Research Scholars:

1.1(a) Candidates who have qualified for Masters Degree with not less than a second class or as equivalent grade and in the case of examination where classification does not exist, a minimum of 50% of marks in the qualifying examination in the subjects in the faculties of Arts, Science, Fine Arts, Indian and other languages, Management, Commerce, Engineering, Para Medical Sciences etc., and CA, CFA, ACS or ICWA degree are eligible to register for Ph.D. in VELS UNIVERSITY under this category. However, a minimum of 55% marks (60% marks for professional degrees) in the qualifying examination is a must to become an Assistant Professor at the University/ College level. Their degrees must have been awarded by VELS UNIVERSITY or any other University approved by UGC for the award of degree in the discipline concerned.

1.1(b) Research fellows of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) /Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) / Babha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)/ Researchers / Scientists / Junior Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows/ Research Assistants/Technical Assistants working in research projects funded by external agencies such as Department of Science & Technology (DST) / University Grants Commission (UGC) /Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)/ Department of Biotechnology (DBT) / Department of Environment (DOE)/ BRNS/AICTE and similar national and state level organizations are also eligible to register for Ph.D. under full-time Research provided they fulfill the eligible educational qualification norms prescribed by the University. Research scholars within the definition of this category are those, who pursue their full-time doctoral research under the guidance of a Research Supervisor in the departments of VELS UNIVERSITY.

1.1.(c) Candidates with Marine and Marine - related Post-graduate degrees from recognized Universities / PG Diploma holders in related fields from IITs, NITs and IIMs.

1.1.(d) Those who hold undergraduate degree in the fields such as Nautical Science, BE/ B.Tech., and holding a minimum certificate of competency as Chief Officer MOT Class 2 Engineer or equivalent should also possess a post graduate degree from any recognized university are also eligible to do research in Marine related subjects.

1.2. Part-time Research Scholars (Internal):

Any citizen of India irrespective of his/her employment status, and working within Tamilnadu who wishes to pursue doctoral research in VELS UNIVERSITY is eligible to register for part-time research provided he/she fulfills the eligible qualification norms prescribed by this University. Research scholar, who comes under this category irrespective of his/her employment status, can pursue his/her doctoral research under the guidance of a Research Supervisor on Part-time basis in VELS UNIVERSITY.

1.3 Part-time Research Scholars (External):

They shall pursue research in their place of employment and/or in this University and such candidates shall spend atleast one full semester under the direct guidance of the research supervisors within the minimum period as applicable from the date of registration. The research supervisor should give a certificate to the effect that the candidate has worked atleast for six months in the whole of his/her research period with him/her. There shall be a co-guide/research coordinator from the Institution where he/she is employed. The Head of the concerned department of this university shall be the Co-ordinator for conducting doctoral committee meetings and viva - voce examinations.

2. Registration

2.1. Applications

Application form for Ph. D will be issued by the University office on payment of Rs.1100/- or through post by paying an additional amount of Rs.100/- ie., a total of Rs.1200/- in the form of DD drawn in favour of " The Registrar, Vels University" payable at Chennai. The duly filled in application along with all enclosures should be submitted to the university office either in person or through post. Candidate has to write the Common Entrance Examination and on the basis of performance in the Common Entrance Examination and Viva-Voce conducted by the concerned department the candidate will be informed of his/her selection. The candidate has to pay the research and admission fee after completing all the above said process.

2.2. The Duration of research for the full-time scholars

S.No Faculty Type Min. Yrs Max. Yrs
1 M.A. / M.Sc. / M.Com / CA / CFA / ACS / ICWA / MCA / MBA / M.Ed / Para Med.Sci. / M.E / M.Tech Full-Time 3 5
2 M.A. / M.Sc. / M.Com / CA / CFA / ACS / ICWA / MCA / MBA with M. Phil Full-Time 2 5

Note : The minimum and maximum periods for part-time research are longer by one year than the corresponding period prescribed for full-time research.

3. Conversion of Full-Time Registration Into Part-Time And Vice-Versa

Not with standing anything prescribed in these regulations, the University may permit conversion from Full-Time research to part-Time research and vice-versa in respect of candidates registered, for valid reasons and subject to satisfying the regulations, rules and conditions in force. The period put in by the candidate will be worked out in the ratio of 2:3 for research put in before and after such conversion.

4. Re-Registration

The scholars who could not complete the Ph.D. within the maximum time limit will be given a chance to re-register for Ph.D. provided, they continue on the same topic under the same Research Supervisor. They must apply for re-registration prior to the expiry of the prescribed maximum period with necessary fees. The re-registration scholars are permitted to submit the thesis after one year but not later than two years after re- registration. They will continue to be governed under the same regulations under which they have been previously registered.

5. General Procedure for Admission of Candidates as Research Scholars and Registration

5.1 The University shall notify well in advance in the University website with regard to the number of seats available for Ph.D. program in different disciplines and the candidates shall be admitted depending on the vacancies once in 6 months (i.e. January and July). (Amended - BORS - 07 Oct 2013; BOM in Circulation 16 Oct 2013).

5.2 Candidates irrespective of their employment status seeking admission to Ph.D. program under the categories of full-time and part-time shall obtain the prescribed application form from the University and submit the same to the Dean / Director of the School concerned or to the Head of the Department of the discipline concerned.

5.3 A common entrance test shall be conducted in the discipline of Arts, Science, Languages, Commerce Management, Pharmacy, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Nautical Science, etc., followed by an interview with regard to their research interest/area by the concerned School / Department.

5.4 The Heads of the School / Departments concerned shall arrange to evaluate the entrance test papers of the individuals and the marks secured shall be tabulated along with the marks secured in the interview and the eligible candidates shall be allotted to the supervisors based on the number of vacancy available, field of specialization and the research interest of the candidate as indicated by the candidate during the interview. (Appendix-A)

The teachers employed in the Department/ School/ Centres of VELS University can submit their applications to the concerned Dean/Director /Head of the Department.

5.5 The National/State level Reservation policies shall be followed in respect of selection of candidates for the doctoral programme.

5.6 Award of scholarship to full time research scholars.

Every year, 20 Scholarships will be awarded to the Full-time Ph.D. Scholars as distributed among the following disciplines.

Disciplines No. of Awards
Engineering 6
Life Science 4
Pharmacy 4
Management 3
Basic Science 2
Others Department 1

The Scholarship amount is Rs.7500/- per month.

The eligible and suitable Full-time Ph.D. scholars will be selected for the award of scholarship by the departmental committee of the concerned Department/School. It will be continued subsequently on the recommendations of the doctoral committee. The Scholarship is for a period of two years for those with M.Phil and 3 years for others who do not have M.Phil degree.

Those Ph.D. Scholars who will be selected for the award of scholarship have to complete the Ph.D. program within the minimum period as stipulated in the Ph.D. regulation. If they discontinue or could not complete the said program, the scholarship amount paid to them will be recovered.

6. Supervisor for Research

Every scholar registered for the Ph.D. program shall work under the continuous supervision of a recognized supervisor. For inter-disciplinary research, a co-guide may be included, if necessary.

7. Research in Inter Disciplinary Subjects

Candidates shall normally be eligible for admission to Ph.D. program in the discipline based on the candidate's Master Degree. He / She shall normally be allowed to join Ph.D. program only in that department which is named after the subject of his/her Master's Degree. It shall, however, open to a candidate to apply for admission to a doctoral programme in another discipline other than the subject in which he/she has obtained Master's Degree. When a candidate is admitted for a Ph.D. in a discipline different from his /her Master's Degree, the candidate would be given Ph.D. in that Inter-disciplinary field mentioning both the candidates' subject and the department in which he/she has done the research.

8. Qualification and Recognition as Supervisor (Eligibility for Research Supervisor and Procedure for Recognition)

8.1. Teachers working on regular basis in Departments / Schools / Centres of Vels University or any other college affiliated to a University deemed to be university recognized by the UGC with Ph.D. Degree who have completed a minimum of 2 years after Ph.D. Degree and with proven research record in the form of minimum of two research publications in the case of Science, Engineering and Para Medical Science subjects, and two articles in the case of Languages, Arts, Humanities, Commerce, Management etc., after obtaining Ph.D. Degree. Those teachers who have been already recognized as guides by any University approved by the U.G.C shall be approved as guides in VELS University.

8.2. The Research Supervisors, serving as teachers, would be permitted to register candidates up to the age of 70 years.

8.3. The faculty members who are desirous of getting themselves recognized as Research Supervisors must apply to the Vels University in the prescribed application form (which can be obtained from the University or downloaded from the University website) for obtaining recognition. The University has the right to accept or reject the applications of faculty members for recognition as research supervisors. Such recognition shall normally be given only for the subject in which the individual has obtained his/her doctoral degree, and after getting the opinion of the members of the sub- committee of the Board of Research constituted by the 4 Vice-Chancellor. Further, a faculty member already recognized as a Research Supervisor in the field in which he/she has obtained his/her doctoral degree, but working as a regular member of faculty in a different but related Department, can guide scholars for Ph.D. in the discipline of the Department only and need not obtain recognition again as a Research Supervisor for this purpose.

8.4. A supervisor shall not guide his/her immediate or close relative and to this effect he/she shall furnish a declaration.

8.5.Internal Research Supervisor of the VELS University shall not undertake to offer guidance for Ph.D. work for more than eight Ph.D. scholars (subject to approval by the authorities) at a time including part-time and for external Supervisors, the number of candidates will be five (only part-time candidates). The Supervisor shall be required to give a declaration to this effect at the time of registration along with the names of candidates already registered with him/her.

8.6. While assessing the number of vacancies under a supervisor, the actual submission of thesis by the candidate registered shall be taken into account.

8.7. The number of candidates for Research Supervisors who are Eminent Scientists or great academicians can be increased at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor of Vels University. However, the same shall be submitted to Board of Research for ratification.

9. Change of Supervisor and Transfer of Scholars

9.1. Transfer of Ph.D. Scholars from one supervisor to another supervisor can be effected, if mutual willingness is given by both the original and the proposed supervisors.

9.2. In the case of change of supervisor or transfer of candidate is proposed without the consent of any one of the parties concerned, the matter shall be referred to the Board of Research, whose decision shall be final.

9.3. The supervisors who wish to avail leave / lien / deputation beyond a period of six months shall nominate co-guides in the subject concerned for the candidates registered with them and the fact should be intimated to the University in advance for approval.

10. Examination and Evaluation

10.1. Course Work Examination and Evaluation

Every candidate provisionally registered for the Ph.D. program shall undergo a course work in the first year and submit himself / herself to written and oral examinations to be conducted by the doctoral committee. The course work consists of the following:

Paper-I: Research Methodology (includes quantitative method and computerapplications). It may also consist of reviewing of published research in the relevant field.

Paper-II: Background Paper on his/her Ph.D. work.

A candidate who is approved by the doctoral committee, on the basis of these examinations will be registered as a candidate for the Ph.D. Degree thereafter confirming his/her provisional registration (APPENDIX-C). He/ She shall be permitted to proceed with his/her research work and submit the thesis at the expiry of the minimum total period of research prescribed after provisional registration.

The research work of the candidates possessing M.Phil qualifications will be subject to monitoring by the doctoral committee as in the case of other candidates and they are exempted from the above course work examination. However, they have to appear for the Paper-II: Background Paper on his/her Ph.D. work.

10.2 The course work can be carried out, if found necessary, by the doctoral candidates in the sister Departments/Institutes either within or outside the University for which due credit shall be given.

10.3 During the course of Ph.D program, for reasons approved by the doctoral committee, a candidate may be permitted by the University to spend up to one year in an institution or on a project approved for the purpose, outside the university for carrying out research in areas related to the subject for which he/she is registered for the doctoral programme.

11. Cancellation of Ph.d Registration

11.1. In case of candidates who do not possess a M.Phil Degree, who have not taken the above course work and examination and the minutes of the meeting of the Doctoral Committee for them are not forwarded to the University for confirmation of provisional registration on completion of one year of provisional registration their registration shall be cancelled by the VELS UNIVERSITY.

11.2 In case of recommendation for cancellation of the registration by the supervisor, the candidates shall be intimated about the grounds on which the registration is being proposed for cancellation.

11.3 In case of any representation from the candidate, the Registrar shall refer the matter to the Board of Research, which may either suggest cancellation or change of supervisor depending upon the merit of the case. The decision of the Board of Research studies shall be final.

12. Monitoring the Progress of Research

12.1 Doctoral Committee

A Doctoral committee is formed for monitoring the progress of the Research work. The Doctoral Committee will be constituted by the Research Supervisor and approved by the University for each candidate. The Doctoral Committee will have a composition of 3 members. Research supervisor or convener and two subject experts to be nominated by the University from the panel of four members given by the Supervisor or from outside the panel as deemed fit.

12.1(a) For Physiotherapy, the doctors with ten years of teaching/ practicing experience in the field of orthopedics can be appointed as members of the doctoral committee as there are no research guides/Ph.D. holders available.

12.1(b) The Head of the School / Department concerned is to act as Co-ordinator for the External Research Guides only to facilitate the conduct of doctoral committee meetings and to forward the minutes of the meetings, progress reports, synopsis / thesis of the Ph.D. candidates registered with them.

12.2 Presentation of Progress Report

The Research scholars must present a progress report, every six months for assessment by the Doctoral Committee, through the supervisor.

12.3. Presentation of progress reports for the second & subsequent years

In addition to the first year progress reports, the scholars must submit progress reports to the University every six months through the Research Supervisor until they submit the synopsis of the thesis.

12.4. Number of meetings by the Doctoral Committee

The Doctoral Committee must meet at least twice a year for each scholar until the scholar submits the synopsis of his/her thesis.

The candidate should present the synopsis of the thesis at a seminar in the place of research before the Doctoral Committee, all faculty members and research scholars.

If there are some comments and feedback, it can be suitably incorporated into the draft copy of the thesis.

After approval of the synopsis, the Research Supervisor will submit a certificate stating that the candidate has submitted the draft copy of the thesis for correction and he/she is permitted to submit the synopsis-and the thesis either after three months or before six months from the date of submission of synopsis-with the approval of the other members of the doctoral committee.

13. Submission of Synopsis

The scholar whose registration has been confirmed and who has completed his/her research work and is sure of compiling the results into thesis within six months prior to the completion of the minimum period required, can submit 6 copies of the Synopsis not exceeding 10 printed pages in 12 font size of Verdana/Times new roman in 1.5 line spacing (one side only of A4 size) along with a soft copy (CD) to the Registrar through his/her research supervisor.

14. Submission of Thesis

14.1 After completing the minimum period of research, a scholar is allowed to submit thesis, within 6 months from the date of submission of synopsis. Scholars can submit 5 copies of thesis in book form (size 29.5 cm x 21 cm) to the Controller of Examinations, VELS UNIVERSITY after getting the thesis approved and signed by the Research supervisor and forwarded by the concerned Head of the Department /Dean/Director with necessary fees. Soft copy containing information of the full thesis and additional supplementary materials, if any, should also be submitted along with the thesis.

14.2 The Board of Research Studies may permit a candidate to submit the thesis earlier by a period of not exceeding six months provided such request for earlier submission from the candidate is accompanied by

  • (a) the recommendation of the supervisor and Doctoral Committee for relaxation based on the satisfactory completion of research work for the thesis topic with evidence that the candidate has been working consistently even prior to his/her provisional registration for the Ph.D. degree on the topic of research.

  • (b) evidence of having completed the required work for the thesis by way of at least four publications in the topic of Ph.D. research in recognized journal and/or evidence of having five papers from out of the Ph.D. thesis work in national conferences.

  • (c) Any other relevant information and evidence in support of his / her request.

14.3 The doctoral candidate shall publish two research papers in a refereed journal before the submission of thesis/synopsis and to produce evidence for having published the same in the form of acceptance letter or reprint.

14.4 For each extension the scholar has to pay an additional fee as indicated under section 23.1 Sl. no.7. No candidate shall be permitted to submit his /her thesis after the completion of the maximum permissible period.

The Ph.D synopsis and thesis should be submitted in English except for Language subjects where the thesis can be in that language.

15. Panel of Examiners (Amended in BORS - 07 Oct 2013 & BOM in Circulation - 16 Oct 2013)

A Panel of three External Examiners from abroad and three examiners from India, but outside Tamil Nadu, ( giving due consideration to north east and west part of India) shall be submitted by the Research Supervisor for adjudicating the thesis. However, in respect of English, Tamil and other Languages if the Research Supervisor justifies that the subject matter of the thesis needs no reference to a Foreign Examiner, a panel of Six Examiners from India itself, but outside Tamil Nadu and three from Tamilnadu may be suggested, stating the reasons for the same. The Research Supervisor should also submit the e-mail ID of the examiners for speedy correspondence.

The persons suggested for appointment as examiners should hold Ph.D. degree with 5 years of teaching at the post graduate level with research publications in standard national and international referred research journals to their credit and also a recognized Ph.D. Supervisor.

The Research Supervisor shall provide a certificate stating that all the examiners suggested are experts and qualified to adjudicate the thesis. If the acceptance is not received from the first panel, the University shall call for an additional panel of 6 names from the Research Supervisor or Doctoral Committee, as the case may be.

16. Adjudication of the Thesis

16.1. The thesis shall be referred by the University for evaluation to a Board of Examiners, consisting of 3 experts of whom one expert shall be from outside India and another expert from within India but outside Tamilnadu (subject to the Regulation) and third one shall be the Research Supervisor.

16.2. In the case of titles and subjects where Indian Examiners are more suitable, the Vice Chancellor may appoint both the external examiners within India.

16.3. As soon as the synopsis and panel of examiners are received, the University shall take steps to fix the board of examiners.

16.4. Each examiner appointed by the University to adjudicate the thesis shall be requested to send his/her report within 2 months from the date of receipt of thesis to the Controller of Examinations.

16.5. The report of the examiner should include:

  • A detailed Report with a critical survey of the work carried out by the candidate as expressed in the thesis

  • A definite recommendation as to whether the thesis attains the standard for Ph.D. degree or not

  • Questions if any to be asked or points to be clarified at the public viva-voce examination.

  • If all the three examiners have recommended the award of Ph.D. Degree, the candidate shall be permitted to attend the viva-voce Examination. The date of viva-voce examination will be fixed by the Research Supervisor in consultation with the viva-voce Examiner.

  • If one of the examiners gives a definite recommendation against the award of the Degree, the thesis will be referred to a fourth examiner of the same category for adjudication.

  • In total, if two examiners give definite recommendations against the award of the Degree, the thesis will be rejected.

  • The report of the two examiners on the thesis as received by the Controller of Examinations will be sent to the supervisor concerned for consolidating the reports and then the supervisor concerned may send all the three reports including the report of the supervisor along with the proforma for adjudication of all the three together with a consolidated report to the Controller of Examinations.

17. Re-submission of Thesis

A candidate whose Thesis has not been commended for the award of degree may be permitted to resubmit the thesis on second occasion within a period of one year from the date of declaration of results with a specific statement from the candidate and the supervisor concerned about the additional research work carried out and revision done in the thesis. The resubmitted thesis shall be referred to the same examiners concerned who have originally valued the thesis for re-evaluation.

18. Public Viva-Voce

18.1 A Public viva-voce examination shall be arranged if in total three examiners who adjudicated the thesis have recommended the award of the Degree.

18.2 The public Viva-voce examination shall be normally conducted in the place where the Research Scholar has carried out his / her Ph.D. research by a two member board viz., guide and external examiner. A change in place could be considered if necessary with the approval of the Vice- Chancellor.

18.3 In the case of Research scholars under categories of full- time & part-time, one of the members of the Board for conducting Public Viva-voce shall be the supervisor who will also be the Convener of the Board. The other member shall be chosen by the Vice Chancellor from a panel of names of three examiners proposed by the Research Supervisor.

The Viva-voce shall primarily be designed to test the understanding of the scholar on the subject matter of the thesis of the competence in the general field of study. The scholar shall be asked to make a brief presentation before the audience and when all the questions raised by the examiners and the audience are answered he/she would be declared to have passed the Viva-voce examination.

A pass in the Viva-voce is compulsory. If a scholar fails in the examination, he/she shall be allowed to re-appear before a panel constituted for this purpose by the Vice Chancellor once again after 3 months from the date of the first Viva-voce. If he/she fails again, his/her thesis for the award of the Ph.D. degree will be rejected.

19. Consolidated Recommendation

If the candidate passes the viva-voce, the viva-voce board shall consolidate the recommendations for the award of the Degree based on the following:

19.1. The reports of the examiners who adjudicated the thesis.

19.2. The evaluation of the candidate's performance in the viva- voce examination. The Board shall then forward the minutes of the viva-voce examination with the signatures of the external examiner and the supervisor mentioning the performance of the candidate in the viva-voce with regard to the answers provided for the questions posed and the answers provided by the candidate and classifying the thesis as "Highly commended / commended" to the Controller of Examinations, along with the list of participants with their addresses and signatures. For placing the thesis under the "Highly Commended" category, it should have been so recommended by all the examiners.

20. Certificate of Research Degree

Each candidate and the Supervisor shall furnish a certificate in the thesis that the thesis submitted is a record of research work done by the candidate during the period of study under the Research Supervisor and that the thesis has not been submitted earlier for the award of any Degree anywhere. If the thesis forms a part of any previous research Degree it must be spelt out accordingly (Candidates who are permitted to do research work without a Research Supervisor shall also submit a certificate to this effect).

21. Submission of Soft Copy of the Thesis to UGC

A soft copy of the Ph.D. thesis shall be submitted to UGC after the announcement of the award of Ph.D. degree within thirty days for posting the same in INFLIBNET.

22. Issue of Provisional Certificate

The provisional Certificate shall include a certification that the Ph.D. degree has been awarded in accordance with the provisions of the UGC regulations.

23. Fee to be paid at the time of Admission and subsequently they have to pay the Research, Internet & Library fees every year till submission of thesis.

Fees Structure for Ph.D. program per year

Sl.No Fees for Pharmacy Engineering Science M.B.A. Law Other Departments
1. Registration fee 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
2. Tuition/
Research fee (per annum) for all candidates including SAARC countries
59,500 59,500 47,000 64,500 44,500 25,000
3. Lab fee 5,000 5,000 5,000 --- --- ---
4. Caution Deposit (One time) 5,000 5,000 2,500 --- --- ---
5. Computer / Internet charges (Per annum) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
6. Library fee (Per annum) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
TOTAL FEE 75,000 75,000 60,000 70,000 50,000 40,000

Late Submission of Thesis

Late Submission of Thesis Fee Pharmacy Engineering Science M. B .A. Law Dept. Other Departments
First Extension (six months) 3,000 3,000 2,000 3,000 2,000 ----
Second Extension (six months) 3,000 3,000 2,000 3,000 2,000 ----

Re - Registration *

Departments Re - Registration Fee
Pharmacy 3,000
Engineering 3,000
Science 3,000
M. B .A. 3,000
Law 3,000
Others Departments ---

Submission of synopsis and Thesis

Submission of synopsis & Thesis Fee Pharmacy Engineering Science M. B .A. Law Other Departments
Submission of Synopsis 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 ----
Submission of Thesis 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 ----
Revision & Re-submission fee for thesis 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 ----

24. Transitory Provision

These regulations will come into effect from July 2010. However, in the case of candidates registered for the Ph.D. program prior to July 2010, the previous regulations shall be applicable wherever necessary.