School of Languages

The School of Languages plays a pivotal role in the curriculum design and development at VISTAS. It provides ample opportunities for the Under-Graduate students of all disciplines to hone their communication skills and develop their positive personality traits. The main objective of this School is to complement the core skills offered by various disciplines at VISTAS by adequately equipping the students with effective communication Skills and Soft Skills which are essential to ensure a bright future for the students in today’s highly competitive job-market.

Further, this integral division of VISTAS gives utmost importance to the teaching of Life Skills to the students by enhancing their language competency and literary sensibility in various languages in general and English, the lingua franca of the world, in particular. In sum, this School plays a crucial role in imparting Communication Skills to the young learners aided by the dedicated members of the faculty, innovative programs and adequate library resources. Personalized coaching and remedial classes for the slow learners outside the working hours are the hallmarks of this Division.

The School of Languages comprises of the Department of English, Tamil, Hindi and French which provide a wide choice, when it comes to the selection of the second language.

The Department of English facilitates the acquisition of English Communication Skills and Soft skills with ample scope for personality development and employability skills for the students. The students are trained to articulate, expressive and disciplined with a view to enable them to meet the challenges of today’s competitive environment, emerge highly to be employable and prove their mettle in their respective careers.

The Department of English offers Communicative English course (two semesters) for all Post-Graduate students and English for Communication (four semesters) for all Under- Graduate students.

The English Department also offers (a) M.A., English Literature, Language and Communication (b) M.Phil., English and Ph.D., English. Particularly, M.A., English Literature, Language and Communication Programme are a comprehensive course covered in four semesters with a great deal of employment potential. Almost all the important aspects of the literatures of various countries in English are included in the curriculum. The Syllabus also includes job-oriented subjects like English for Business Communication, Journalism and English Language Teaching. The main focus is on honing the communication skills and Soft Skills of the students with a view to make them job-ready. The course provides the students with an opportunity to equip themselves for Competitive examinations such as UGC, SLET, UPSC, TNPSC & Bank examinations.


Department of Tamil

The Department of Tamil offers Foundation Course in Tamil under Part-I and which is common to all Under-Graduate students and Ph.D programme in Tamil. The Foundation Course in Tamil is a comprehensive two semester course for the students of B.Sc Visual Communication, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Computer Applications Courses and a four semester course for the students of B.Sc., Bio-Technology and Computers Science programmes. The students who have taken Tamil as their second language at the +2 level are eligible to take up this course.

Department of Hindi

The Department of Hindi offers Foundation Course in Hindi under Part-I and Ph.D Prgramme in Hindi. The Foundation Course in Hindi under Part-I is meant for Under-Graduate students who have taken Hindi as their second language at the +2 level. The well-designed curriculum includes masterpieces of Hindi literature which initiates the students to improve their communicative competency and creative ability in Hindi.

Department of French

The Department of French offers Foundation Course French under Part-I for Under-Graduate students who opt for French. The curriculum includes all important aspects of the French language and literature. The students who have taken French at their +2 level are eligible to take up this course.

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