School of Management Studies & Commerce

The Department of Management Studies which remains an imperative organ under Vel’s Group of Institutions had its beginning during the Academic Year 1998-99. The Department is now prevalently branded as the Vael’s Institute of Business Administration (VIBA). The institute is engaged in offering a two year Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (MBA). This technical and specialized course was readily accepted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Government of India and had subsequently approved by the same. At present the total student force of VIBA stands 240 in numbers. The changing environment, a separate online internet accessing facility is provided. To achieve individual attention, each student will be provided one man-one machine during the practical hours at a basis of.


To be a Centre of Excellence in Management Studies and Commerce, imparting and developing Managerial leadership and entrepreneurial skills to students and provide managers for the global market.


  • Provide an affordable opportunity for diverse group of students and other stakeholders to learn by synergizing education, research, innovation and outreach efforts.
  • To inculcate self-discipline, values, ethics and devotion to duty among the students to make them good citizens, leaders, professionals & entrepreneurs.
  • To develop the future business leaders through imparting high quality of analytical ability & decision making capability.
  • To offer exposure to global business standards and inculcate strategic management aspiration.

Program Educational objectives ( PEOs)

  • PEO1:  To provide best quality of education and prepare the students to meet global standards and competitive environment
  • PEO2: To inculcate team spirit and leadership capabilities among students to develop business leaders attain organizational development
  • PEO3: To impart ethical and moral values to create better citizens and society  
  • PEO4: To develop entrepreneurial skills to think strategically and encourage them to become entrepreneurs
  • PEO5: To motivate students to participate in community development and undertake Industry research projects

The Goal

VIBA’s goal focuses on the students who can materialize as great executives of corporate houses. The goal is to produce Executives who can emerge as well-known industrialists, intelligent and competent Administrators and distinctive leader- managers. The goal of the institute is further prolonged to include the developmental perspectives of the students by means of multiplicity of programmes and exercises to assist and develop the logical capability, aptitude to take rapid and valuable managerial decisions, knack to judge the decisions promptly and properly, ability to comprehend their talents and budge upon a meaningful feat for sustained development of the self and the social order.

The Advisory Board and Governing Council of VIBA

VIBA has a sturdy and well- revered advisory board that consists of 18 members who possess great understanding in diverse fields of administration. The Governing Council is vested with the powers of all sorts of developmental activities as well as it acts as a watchdog of VIBA.

Membership Details

The institute is an associate of various professional bodies and Associations. Predominantly it has an institutional membership in the following organizations:-

  • 1. Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)

  • 2. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

  • 3. Madras Management Association (MMA)

  • 4. British Council Library (BCL) and

  • 5. Business Line Club (BLC) of the Hindu Media Group.

Academic Schedule


At the beginning of every semester, the institute will have an Academic calendar well equipped in order to have an overview of the items / programmes to be included in the semester in question. The Schedule spells out various activities of the institute.

The Teaching – Learning Process

There is a task to collaborate the faculty members with the students in the institute. The teaching – learning process at the institute conceivably is a novel one, analogous to the latest technological know-how and adoptions. Thus the teaching – learning sessions are deemed as a rich experience for the students as well as the teachers of the institute. The sessions are well supported by Group Discussions (GDs), Case Analysis, Paper Presentations, Video Deliberations, Seminars, Management Games, Business Diplomacy, Role plays, In-basket exercises, Industry Quiz and so forth. The faculty members do have scrupulous plan and regimented teaching methods. Every student and staff is given a lap-top and teaching is done with the help of Power-point using LCD projectors. The class rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet.

Career Development Programmes

Career Development Programmes are an inclusive part of the institutional development. The students are motivated for upgrading their skills and persona on a customary basis. Particularly, the students are treated and trained for analytical skills, conceptual skills, human skills, leadership qualities and orientations, communication skills and training, skills on presentations, change adaptability skills, interview and interpersonal skills and other personality improvement skills. Apart from the above the students are motivated to advance and update indispensable knowledge on various issues including the most important current affairs. The institute members also try to mould the attitude of the students in order to shape them for the winning career as well as for invariable growth in their career.

Course Curriculum

The syllabus will be prescribed by the Board of Studies of the University. The University has also laid stress on Value-Added programmes and activities for the development of the students. This includes conducting Seminars, Workshops, Paper Presentations, Business Plans and Quizzes, Video Screening, Management Games and so forth.

Industrial Visit

The industrial visits which play an integral part of the students developmental activities is primarily meant to satisfy “experience the reality” concept for the students and make them ready to face the existent state in organizations. Thus the students are uncovered to various organizations and companies periodically.

The Department of Commerce offers both UG and PG Courses. This course is different from the conventional M.Com course which is offered elsewhere. The world is witnessing the economies getting integrated. The dependence of one economy on the other economies has become the rule of the day.

M.Com. is the right step in this direction. Employment opportunities are wider for those who have knowledge on the theoretical and practical aspects of global business and M.Com, a post graduate degree will definitely provide the knowledge required in the employment market.

List of facilities

  • Language Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Statistical package for Social Sciences

  • Managerial Games

  • SAP tools

Department of Management Studies

Courses Offered Eligibility Fees Structure Curriculum & Syllabus
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M.B.A (Finance, HR, Marketing, Systems & Production) Click here Click here
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M.B.A (Logistics & Shipping Management) - Knowledge Partner : CII Institute of Logistics Click here Click here
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M.B.A (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) - Knowledge Partner : CII Institute of Logistics Click here Click here
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M.B.A (Business Analytics) in association with IBM Click here Click here
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Department of Commerce

Courses Offered Eligibility Fees Structure Curriculum & Syllabus
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B.Com (Accounts and Finance) Click here Click here
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