School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

List of Major Equipment

S.No Instruments
1 HPLC with UV VIS Detector
2 Physiograph
3 6 jar dissolution apparatus
4 10 station rotary tablet punching machine
5 Brookfield viscometer
6 HPLC with PDA detector
7 Cooling centrifuge
8 Automated HPLC
9 HPTLC with all accessories
10 Gas liquid chromatograph
11 DSC
13 Small centrifuge of different specifications
14 COS Incubator
15 Gel Doc Scanner
16 Lyophilizer
17 Deep freezer
18 Dissolution 8000

Research Interest

Department of Pharmaceutics

Development of Nano formulations for targeting brain, Development of Novel trans delivery buccal patches, Development of Tissue engineering techniques for skin, cartilage and neuro regeneration

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis

Structure based ligand design, Molecular recognition. Targeting of nucleic acid/protein interfaces. Fundamental issues of ligand/receptor binding energetics. Design, synthesis and testing of therapeutic molecules.

Department of Pharmacognosy

Drug development and discovery of New Molecular Entities from plant sources of medicinal importance and characterization of active principles, Quality Control and Standardization of marketed products in Traditional system of medicine, Establishment of Pharmaceuticals from Marine resources for Cancer, Phytochemical screening, Molecular modeling simulation studies for cancer, tubercular and malarial targets.

Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacological screening of various drug candidates exploring therapuetic potentials, Pharmacokinetic interpretation, Space pharmacology, Identification of critical signal transduction systems, Nanotechnology for drug delivery

Department of Pharmacy Practice

Adverse drug reactions reporting, Medical error reporting, Studying hospital prescribing patterns and patient medication adherence, Prospective and Retrospective identification of optimal pharmacotherapy regimens for a variety of disease states, Implementation and analyses of innovations in pharmacy education.