Innovative Teaching Methods - School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Innovative Teaching Methods

Interactive classrooms

Interactive class rooms are the effective ways of achieving the program outcomes (POs) and course outcomes (COs). The course outcomes could not be better achieved without these. Lectures are the best ways to get facts, make students to think and understand the concepts. The teacher is readily available to clear the doubts instantaneously. Thus these make a platform to cover and improve the ability to design, formulate and solve problems. Mode of delivery of lectures is power point presentations.

Simulation classes and labs

Topics are explained to students in class rooms with e-content in the form of animation and working pictures from YouTube to make them understand more clearly about the concepts and mechanisms and their application in real life. Subjects like pharmacology where performing animal experiments are restricted to undergraduate programs are benefitted by simulation models

ICT usage

Students are provided with knowledge and proficiency in the usage of simulation softwares. These software are available online and students use it for various analysis purpose. Special training is offered to the students in the lab on regular basis.
ICT learning

Web based learning

The internet is an open information system from where the students can obtain various kinds of information, media and materials as texts, images, video sequences which can help them in a diverse way for generating self-learning environments. Due to its interactivity, learners can gather information which is important in learning and helpful in accomplishing their learning objectives. Hence, the potential of the internet self-learning mode is considered to be very high. Therefore, the Institute provides internet facility in both the academic and hostel campuses for 24 hr. The availability of internet facility allows them to learn and to gather the information from worldwide network without any interruptions.
Web based learning

Flipped classroom

The teachers put the material on a specific topic online on study groups for students to go through the material in advance, bring questions and queries about the topic and build additional knowledge on the subject during the class. This provides the opportunity for learning beyond syllabus also.