Students Club

Entreprenueral Development Club

Tycoon Club

Faculty Co-ordinator: Dr.Rajini.G, Associate Professor and Head, MBA (Integrated), 9443377437,
Student Co-ordinators
    President: R.Preethi MBA (General) II yr, 7708285209,
    Secretary: T.M. Vijaya Raghavan MBA (LSCM) II yr, 9003055803,
Members: Minimum 100
Life Membership fees: Rs.100

Action Plan:

For All Students
  • 1. Entrepreneur Awareness Workshop- Sponsored by NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation)
    1. 1 Day program for MBA
    2. 1 day program for Engineering
    3. 1 day for Basic Science
    4. 1 day for other specifications (Commerce, Pharm, HCM, Visual Communication)
  • 2. Inter Departmental Competition
    1. Business Plan Development
    2. Ad Zap
    3. Best Leader
    4. Business Quiz
    5. Poster Presentation
  • 3. Guest Lecture Series by:
    1. Successful Entrepreneurs
    2. Bankers
    3. Financial Institution
    4. Auditors
    5. Statutory Officers
    6. Marketing Consultants
For Club Members
  1. Club Members visit to SME (Small and Medium-sized enterprise) and MSME (Micro Small and Medium-sized enterprise) in Guindy,Chennai.
  2. Participation in Seminars organized by SME association outside the campus.
  3. Mentoring and one to one to start up of new venture, share trading, commodity trading etc.

Dance Club

Vels Rockers

Faculty Co-ordinator: Dr. N.Banu, 9444962059,
Student Co-ordinators
    President: M. Adavan, 9566114943,
    Secretary: D. Sukumar, 7708566367,
Members: 100
Membership fees: Rs.50

Action Plan of the Club

  1. Motivates the participation of members to other college competitions.
  2. Conduct of inter departmental activities to prove our own students talent.
  3. Branding the Vels University by doing Flash mob in public like malls, theatre, etc.
  4. Apart from studies, this club promotes every member to become an self-employed to sustain in the society.

Short Flim and Photography

Faculty Co-ordinator: Mr.Sheldon Mark Jarret, 9176386774,
Student Co-ordinators
    President: Naganath, 9962671994,
    Secretary: Sachu, 8547517270,
Members: Minimum 100
Membership fees: Rs.50

Action Plan of the Club

  1. To lead them in a proper manner to provide good screenplay and storyboards for shortfilms.
  2. The pictures taken for photography, are taken perfectly and in proper way .
  3. The develop the media club with students participating in all events and give their best.
  4. Both shortfilms and photography events will be conducted and active participation of students will be their and all the contents will be showcase in workshops and ensure that they get rewarded and win, thus has a co-ordinator i ensure that the photography and shortfilm committee will be successful.

Music Club

Faculty Co-ordinators:
Dr. R.Seethalakshmi, 9962320329,
P.C. Kishore kumar, 9944889332,
Student Co-ordinators
    President: A. Fronal Nova Pragash, 9789091512,
    Secretary: F. Azeen, 8939412876

Tamil Literary Club

Faculty Co-ordinator: Dr. M.Prabhakaran, 8148408101,
Student Co-ordinators
    President: S.R. Priyadharshini, 9003051591,
    Secretary: M. Pandiyarajan, 9841781292,