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Vels Management Journal is a biannual peer reviewed academic journal established by School of Management Studies, VISTAS, committed to publish scholarly research articles, that have a significant impact to the field of management. Vels Management Journal encourages scholars, authors and researchers to publish their original, innovative and new ideas pertaining to research. The journal covers all areas pertaining to management discipline. Issues are published biannually in July and December every year. The articles in journal cover a wide range of topics pertaining to academic disciplines. The journal publishes original research work, case studies and book reviews. This is journal is a prestigious asset of School of Management Studies, VISTAS.

Key benefits: As a reader you will be able to:

  • Advance your level of understanding
  • Get more insights through research articles
  • Sharing and knowledge exchange

Dr. Ishari K Ganesh, Editor in Chief, Chancellor, VISTAS, Chennai

Editorial Board
Dr. S. Sriman Narayanan, Vice Chancellor, VISTAS, Chennai
Dr. P. Swaminathan, Advisor (Assessment & Accreditation), VISTAS, Chennai
Dr. P. Saravanan, Registrar, VISTAS, Chennai
Dr. P.R. Rama Krishnan, Dean, School of Management Studies, VISTAS, Chennai
Prof. G. Balasubramanian, Senior Professor & Advisor, Finance and Accounting, IFMR Graduate School of Business, KREA University
Dr. M. Thenmozhi, Professor in Finance, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
Prof. M.S. Narasimhan, Professor, Finance & Accounting, IIM Bangalore
Prof. N. Panchanatham, Vice Chancellor, TNTEU, Chennai
Dr. R. Rangarajan, HOD, Department of. Commerce, University of Madras
Dr. B. Charumathi, HOD, Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry University
Dr. S. Preetha, HOD MBA, School of Management Studies, VISTAS, Chennai
Dr. G. Rajini, HOD MBA Integrated, School of Management Studies, VISTAS, Chennai
Dr. S. Vasantha, Professor, School of Management Studies, VISTAS, Chennai
Dr. S. Sudha, Associate Professor, School of Management Studies, VISTAS, Chennai

Call for Papers

Author’s Instructions & Submission Guidelines

1. Manuscript should be in MS Word format. Manuscripts must be double spaced, with 1- inch margins with Times New Roman, Font Size 12, black.

2. The first page of the manuscript (cover page) should contain the following information
(i) Title (ii) The Author(s) name and institutional affiliation (s) of the author(s); (iii) An abstract of not more than 200 words with 5-7 keywords. A footnote on the same sheet should give the name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mails address of the authors(s). The authors name or affiliations should not appear anywhere else in the body of the manuscript. The actual paper should commence from the second page.

3. Each manuscript will be primarily examined by the editor, and then forwarded to two referees for blind review.

4. The paper should start with an introduction and end with a conclusion summarizing the findings of the paper. The managerial / policy implications of the study should be highlighted separately towards the end of the paper.

5. The manuscript should not be more than 3000 words.

6. Tables should be numbered consecutively. The title of the table should be placed above the table. Wherever necessary, the source should be indicated at the bottom.

7. Figures should be numbered consecutively. Wherever necessary the sources should be indicated at the bottom.

8. Reference: Only those references should be cited with the name of the author(s) along with the year of publication, page numbers in brackets. Reference in AP6 style should be complete in all respects. The journal is not responsible for the views of contributor plagiarism or Publication elsewhere of the articles submitted to it. Articles that do not follow these guidelines are liable for rejection. Referees comments will be forwarded if revision is suggested.

9. Manuscript should be free from plagiarism.

Online Submission

Send your unpublished papers for the forthcoming issues to:

Journal Issues

Vol 7 - Issue 2 - Dec 2018
Vol 7 - Issue 1 - Jun 2018
Vol 6 - Issue 2 - Dec 2017