Vision & Mission


Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VISTAS) Strives to be an Epitome of Excellence in Higher Education by effectively providing its students with high standards of education and rigorous training with ample scope for the all round development of personality of the students and to promote positive change and social justice for the betterment of society.


  • By providing them various kinds of learning processes such as Experimental learning, Experienced learning, Independent learning, Problem based learning, Project based learning, e-learning, Participatory learning and Computer Aided Learning (CAL).

  • By actively promoting and preserving higher value and ethics in education apart from sensitizing them towards the societal responsibility.

  • By making them to do original, quality and innovative research which can be proven by measurable outcome.

  • By providing LMS, KMS and EMS to all the students apart from governance through MIS

  • By instilling the spirit of equity, communal and social harmony, sense of tolerance among students apart from enriching them with right citizenship and love for the nation through outreach and extension activities.

Core Values

We believe that:
  • • VISTAS students and scholars should be well-founded on the pursuit of knowledge through, teaching and learning research, with fellowships required on the basis of intellectual merit, ability and the potential for excellence.

  • • Perspectives, arising from diverse knowledge background, that re-define our identities, deepen scholarly inquiry and enrich path breaking newer knowledge horizon.

  • • Cherish the key values of academic freedom, creative and innovative thought, ethical standards and integrity, accountability and social justice, nurturing open mind and open society.

  • • Foster inquiry‐led and evidence‐based approach to creative knowledge ; facilitate a vibrant academic ambience to the nurture the intellectual climate.

Quality Assurance

The University has established a system of Quality Assurance to enhance and monitor the quality of education. Quality Advisory Committee and Internal Quality Assurance Cell are working towards this goal.